Easier Systems Mean Easier Business.

Five building blocks of success. When you systemize with 17hats, everything gets easier.
Better still? The five systems build on each other, so each step is easier than the last.

1. Lead Management

Build a strong foundation.

Prospects are vital for growth. Make sure that you never miss a lead again by systemizing your approach: Use our Leads feature to capture, respond to, and evaluate new leads without lifting a finger.

Be responsive. Customized and professional Email Templates and Questionnaires let you respond automatically.

screenshot 1. Lead Management

Start Fast

Quick Start Guides make it easy breezy.

Let us guess: You’re fretting about getting set up. Don’t. Our Quick
Start guides offer just that – a quick start. You’ll be up and
running (and more productive) in no time.

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2. Booking Coordination

Building on your success.

The next step? Systemize your bookings, so that a single email delivers your Quote, Contract, and Invoice. This makes life easier for your clients as well, condensing what can be a three-day process!

Online Payment. Get paid faster by including Online Payment processing in your invoices.

screenshot 2. Booking Coordination

3. Client Onboarding

The synergies keep building.

This system facilitates communication – your clients get to know you, and vice versa. Questionnaire and Email Templates convey professionalism. And Client Portal lets you deliver great customer service – easily.

Client Portal. Give your clients a secure location to accept quotes, sign contracts, pay invoices, and more.

screenshot 3. Client Onboarding

4. Fulfillment Process

It’s all built to this.

Now that so much of your work is systemized, you can take the pulse of your business easily – with a glimpse of your Dashboard. Bringing order to your workflow makes everyday tasks easier than ever.

Dashboard. Start your business day with Dashboard – the key info you need, gathered all in one place.

screenshot 4. Fulfillment Process

Think About It

Yes, the 17hats systems above make your life easier. But they
improve your customer service too.

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5. At-A-Glance Financials

Look at what you’ve built.

Now you’re firing on all cylinders: You’ve systemized, so you know how your business is doing financially. Our Bookkeeping feature helps you keep track of everything, down to sales tax. (So your accountant is happy too.)

Profit motive. Generate a profit and loss report for a date range, or learn your net profit by job.

screenshot 5. At-A-Glance Financials

We’re Always Enhancing Easier

Just ask our customers: We’re always improving 17hats. Client Portal, launched in
November 2017, was a giant leap forward in customer service.

And we recently made 17hats mobile-friendly on your preferred mobile browser. So you're always in the know, on the go.

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