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If you give clients an inch, they’ll take a month to pay you. Get your hard-earned cash in an instant with our amazing payment tools. No more sending embarrassing “I need you to pay me” emails to clients required.

Manage your business anywhere, anytime with 17hats’ powerful features.
  • Build and send professional (and very sexy) invoices that allow your clients to pay you online in an instant.
  • Create custom contracts your clients can sign online and turn a potential client into a paying one in just minutes.
  • Send gentle, automatic payment reminders for unpaid invoices so you never have to follow up on your outstanding payments. We do it for you!
  • Accept and track payments via credit, cash, or checks - whatever is easy for you is easy for us to do for you.
  • Accept credit card payments starting at just 2.9%1 via Stripe, PayPal,, and Square.
  • Accept eChecks2 (ACH) at under $5 per transaction (take that greedy CC companies!)

1 Plus 30 cents per transaction through Stripe, PayPal,, and Square.
2 Available for Lite and Unlimited plans.

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