Easier is in our DNA

It’s what drives us.

Our Story“Simple” didn’t exist. So we built it.

As budding entrepreneurs, we had a vision for what life would be like. Calling the shots. Balancing life and work.

But soon reality set in. Solopreneurship instead meant a tsunami of paperwork. Time-sapping to-do lists. And less and less time for what inspired us.

We looked around for something that would streamline administrative tasks and make business easier. Nothing was elegant. Simple. All-in-one.

So, four years ago, we created 17hats – and never looked back.

Now, with more than 20,000 businesses signed up – it’s clear we weren’t the only ones seeking an easier way to work.

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What's in a Name?

If you’re reading this, you wear a lot of hats. That inspired our name, 17hats.
But not to worry if you wear more than 17 on any given day! We can still help you.

Chief Easier Advocates
(Our Team Leaders)
Founder & CEO

For as long as he can remember – at least from his first paper route, at age 9 – Donovan has embraced the idea of self-employment and the lifestyle it affords.

Growing up in The Netherlands, Donovan studied business and dreamt of the day he could chart his own course in life. That drive and determination brought him to the States, where, as he sees it, “Small business fuels The American Dream.”

When he’s not helping other budding entrepreneurs realize their potential, Donovan enjoys spending time with his 5-year-old son and motorcycling in the hills around LA.

Chief Operating Officer

Amanda lends an invaluable perspective to the 17hats team: Her experience parallels that of many of our users.

For years, Amanda thrived as a photographer, in Houston. (No surprise that she was an early customer of 17hats!) What started as a “side hustle” to pursue her passion blossomed into a profitable business. Along the way, Amanda offered us such vital user insights that we did the only logical thing. We hired her.

Amanda oversees our day-to-day operations, often calling on her graphic design degree to make 17hats intuitive and user-friendly. It goes to prove what they say: Behind every great company stands a smart, multitalented woman. (Well, we say that, anyway.)


You know that person at every company that no one knows what they would do without? That team member whose smarts are apparent every time he or she speaks? At 17hats, that’s Rhesa.

Originally from The Netherlands as well, Rhesa studied mathematics at the University of Amsterdam. He brings that left-brain skill set to the table at 17hats, overseeing the platform’s sophisticated and secure network, as well as keeping 17hats at the forefront of tech.

Rhesa and Donovan have been best friends for more than 20 years. (Technology has kept them in touch, despite working on different continents from time to time.) Rhesa currently splits his time between California and his home in Hungary, where he lives at a vineyard.

In-House Support

We’re here for you

Have questions?
Boy, do we have the team for you.

Our in-house support can help you get started. Or help you tap into the full potential of the 17hats tools!

Support hours: M-F, 7 a.m.- 4 p.m. Pacific (10 a.m.- 7 p.m. Eastern)

Support channels include:
  • Live chat (green chat icon in bottom right corner)
  • Email (support@17hats.com)
  • Facebook DM
  • Online Help Center (articles and video tutorials)
We Take Security Seriously

Your data is protected

Hey, we use 17hats for our business too. Rest assured, we take security very seriously.

The database – including anything you store on 17hats – is encrypted using the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm.

To report a vulnerability, please head over to our Security Section Here.

Your connection to our site is encrypted and authenticated, using:
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