Client Sales Report

The Client Sales Report is automatically generated so you know the total amount that each client has paid for a specified period.

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By entering the time frame, 17hats will populate all the clients, the sum of invoices, number of invoices, and average sale. You will be able to know at a glance which clients are spending the most money with you.

Does the 17hats Client Sales Report track unpaid invoices?
The Client Sales Report only tracks paid invoices

Can the report pull different periods, like “Last Year” and “Quarter to Date”?
Yes, the report has standard Quick View periods and customizable periods as well.

Will the Client Sales Report show how many invoices each customer paid per period?
Yes, the number of Invoices and the average Invoice amount will both be shown.

Client Sales Report is available in our Essentials, Standard, and Premier Packages.

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