Electronically send and sign Contracts, to ease the process and lessen the paperwork burden on you. No more faxing!

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Creating a Contract is super-easy in 17hats. Copy over the wording of your current contract and customize it to fit your needs.  Even add project details easily through the use of Tokens.

Are the Contract signatures legally binding?
17hats always recommends consulting a lawyer familiar with your location and industry. But yes, the signatures are legally binding.

Can I require clients to fill out information on my Contracts?
Yes, you can have required fields for your clients to fill out.

Can Contracts have multiple people sign the contract?
Yes, you can have both your primary and related contacts sign your Contracts.

Contracts are available in all our packages.

Document limits per month:

  • Essentials Package – 20 per month
  • Standard Package – 35 per month
  • Premier Package – Unlimited

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