Never miss a beat as your Dashboard will automatically populate important dates, tasks, and activities which need your attention.

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The 17hats Dashboard consists of five sections to help keep your business moving.  Each section is designed so you can easily complete to-dos, email Contacts, and access Projects that need your attention.

5-Day Quick View Calendar – Easily see and add events to your week.  

Weather Preview – Your local weather for a quick look for your outdoor activities.

Recent Client Activity – Stay up to date with important client activity such as invoices paid and contracts signed.

Pending Items – Contacts with outstanding documents will automatically filter into your Pending Documents area.

Let’s Take Care of Business – Your go-to section each morning, as our smart automation will make sure that you know exactly what needs to be done to ensure a successful day.

Can I customize the layout of the Dashboard?
No, the Dashboard design is not customizable.

If I have multiple users, will I see their information on the Dashboard?
You will only see your items on your Dashboard view.

Will items from Archived Projects appear on my Dashboard?
No, archiving a Contact or Project removes associated items from the Dashboard.

The 17hats Dashboard is available with all our packages.

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