Email Read Receipts

Know the status of each email sent to (and received from) your Contacts. Labels tell you at a glance when a client has read your email.

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Email status for incoming and outgoing emails will automatically change to reflect the activity.

Labels include:

  • Unread- Emails sent to clients which they have not read
  • Read by Client - Emails sent to clients which have been read
  • New - Incoming emails you have not read
  • Read - Incoming emails you have read
  • Replied - Incoming emails you have replied to

At a glance, you will quickly be able to take action on emails instead of wasting time digging through your inbox.

Will read receipts work when CC’d email addresses open the email?
No, only emails sent “To” specific email addresses are tracked.

If I BCC myself on emails sent from 17hats, and I open the email in my inbox – will it count that as the client reading the email?
No, opening an email that you are BCC'ed on will not count as a view.

If I send an email from outside of 17hats, will read receipts show in 17hats?
No, 17hats is only able to track an email being opened if it was sent from within 17hats.

Email Read Receipts is available in our Standard and Premier Packages.

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