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Save time by never retyping the same email again – all while adding a personalized touch with Tokens.

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Creating email templates is the easiest to-do when it comes to regaining time in your day. Once you have created your templates, sending emails to clients becomes a five-second task instead of a tedious to-do.

Templates can be personalized with Contact and Project details through the use of Tokens, and you can even add some extra fun with emojis 🎉💯. Ending your email with one of your customizable signatures closes with a professional touch.

How many email templates can I have in 17hats?
There isn’t a limit on the number of email templates you can create in 17hats.

Can I delete email templates?
Yes, or you can archive an email template to remove it from your active lists, but retain the template for future use.

Can Email Templates include links, attachments, and images?
Yes, Email Templates can include links, attachments, and images.

Email Templates are available with all our packages.

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