Incoming Emails

Connect your Incoming Email to filter all Contact emails into 17hats, to be stored directly in their Project.

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By connecting your Incoming Email Server to 17hats, all emails your clients send you will be filtered into 17hats. This exclusive 17hats feature ensures all emails are nicely organized in one place.

If I connect my incoming email to 17hats, will I still be able to see the emails through my inbox on my phone and desktop?
Yes. Your emails will always be in your inbox. A copy of the email will be sent to 17hats.

Can I connect any email provider?
Yes, 17hats connects with any email provider.

Will I see emails that are not from my Contacts inside 17hats?
No, you will only see emails from your 17hats Contacts inside the platform.

Connecting your Incoming Email is in our Standard and Premier Packages.

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