Lead Capture Form

Capture new lead details by installing a 17hats Lead Capture Form on your website and social media accounts.

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Lead Capture Forms take automation to a new level. When leads are captured, the Contact details are stored and a new Project is created.

Lead Capture Forms can also automatically add Contact and Project Tags, send an auto-response, and trigger a Workflow.

Automate your client experience from the beginning with Lead Capture Forms.

Also, stay notified of each new lead with 17hats mobile app notifications.

Can I embed a Lead Capture Form on my website?
Yes, you are able to embed Lead Capture Forms on your website

Can I customize the questions my Lead Capture Form asks?
Yes, you can customize the questions you ask on your Lead Capture Form.

Lead Capture Forms are available in our Essentials, Standard, and Premier Packages.

  • Essentials Package– one form can be created.
  • Standard Package– three forms can be created.
  • Premier Package – 20 forms can be created.

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