Profit/Loss Report

The Profit/Loss Report gives you a snapshot on how well your business is doing. See the money you have coming in, and going out.

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Other than making your accountant’s life easier, the Profit/Loss Report allows you to understand where your money comes from and where it’s going.

Your Income will automatically populate as your clients pay invoices.

Expenses can either be manually added into the system, or you can add our Bookkeeping module. Through our Bookkeeping module, you can connect your bank account, and your expenses will automatically be added in.

How do I enter my expenses?
Expenses can be entered manually with the New Expense button on the Bookkeeping page. Ideally, any bank, credit card, etc., account would be connected in Bookkeeping, which downloads transactions daily from the bank, until the bank requires a manual refresh to validate the connection with the bank.

Can I associate an expense with a specific project?
Yes, you can tie an expense to a specific project.

Can I export the Profit/Loss Report?
Yes, you can print it as a PDF, or copy and paste the body of the report into an Excel file.

Profit/Loss Report is available with our all our packages.

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