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Projects neatly organize and store your documents, communication, events, notes, and to-dos for your Contacts.

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For each service you provide, you will create a Project. The Project, much like an electronic file folder, will house all your important information.

Projects have three components:

Important Documents: Stores all created, sent, and completed Quotes, Contracts, Invoices, and Questionnaires.

Project Activity: 17hats automatically files away Notes, Emails, Files, To-Dos, Bookings, and Activity.

Project Details: The date, time, and location of your Project are found at the top for quick reference. Also, all of these details are automatically added to your Calendar.

Can I have multiple Projects per Contact?

Yes, you can have multiple Projects per Contact.

Do Projects need to have a date and time?
No, Projects are not required to have a date nor a time associated with them.

Is there a limit on the number of Projects I can have?
No, there is no limit for Projects.

Projects, like Contacts, are a core feature of 17hats.

You can store an UNLIMITED number of Projects in the 17hats platform.

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