If/Then Logic

Get to information quicker with intuitive Questionnaires. Answers to certain “base” questions prompt “branch” follow-up questions.

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If/Then Logic in 17hats Questionnaires provides a tailored client experience and helps you learn the important details faster.

Depending on how your clients answer certain “base” questions, follow-up “branch” questions automatically appear. (If X, then Y – hence the name, If/Then Logic.) It’s like you’re having a conversation with your clients, but it’s totally automated.

It’s just another way that 17hats helps you automate the onboarding process, so you get to know your clients (and vice versa).

What’s an example of a “base” question?

Let’s say you’re in the wedding industry. Early on, you might send a Questionnaire to the bride and groom. Among the questions, you might ask:

Does the bride have any siblings? Yes or No?

The answer to that question would determine what happens next. If the answer is No, the experience is seamless – the client filling out the Questionnaire would proceed to the next question.

What’s an example of a “branch” question?

Returning to our example above, let’s say the answer was “Yes” instead. (“Yes,” the bride has siblings.)

In that case, the client filling out the Questionnaire would automatically be served a follow-up question:

What are the names of the bride’s siblings?

Again, this is intuitive and automated. Your clients are spared irrelevant questions, and are asked for details on pertinent matters.

If/Then Logic for Questionnaires is available with our Premier Package.

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