Gather the contact information you need (without the time-consuming phone call) with electronic Questionnaires.

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Questionnaires are the perfect way to save you time and still gather the necessary information to help you complete your service.

Questionnaires can be created for a variety of reasons:

  • Open ended questions to gather testimonials from clients.
  • Multiple choice question to get to know new leads quickly.
  • Gather important information which maps back to Contact and Project details.
  • Use images and links to  get approval for products from clients.

Is there a limit to how many Questionnaire templates I can have?
No, there is no limit to the number of Questionnaire templates you can have.

Can I send multiple Questionnaires to the same client?
Yes, you can send multiple Questionnaires to the same client.

Can I set a due date for a Questionnaire?
Yes, you can assign a due date to a Questionnaire.

Questionnaires are available in all our packages.

Document Limits per Month:

  • Essential – 20 per Month
  • Standard – 35 per month
  • Premier– Unlimited

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