3-in-1 Document

Quote, Contract, and Invoice wrapped up in one professional-looking package. Now leads can select, sign, and pay with just one document.

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Save time and potential confusion by sending your Quote, Contract, and Invoice in one tidy, professional attachment. (You can also send your Quote/Contract or Quote/Invoice as a two-part document, or send a Quote by itself.)

With our 3-in-1 Document, you close the sale more quickly, and enhance your client experience.

If you offer choices on your Quote – add-on or upsell packages, for example – those choices that the client makes are automatically updated on the corresponding Invoice.

Do I have to send all three documents (Quote, Contract, Invoice) at once?

No – you call the shots. While sending all three documents (Quote, Contract, and Invoice) has many advantages, you can always send a Quote by itself, for example. You can also accompany that Quote with just one other document (Contract or Invoice) as well.

Can I customize the documents prior to sending them to my clients?

Yes. You will be able to customize these documents prior to sending them to your clients.

Can I edit the documents after I have sent them?

Yes, you can edit the documents after sending them. If they have been finalized by your clients before editing the documents, your clients will have to finalize them again.

3-in-1 Document is available in our Essentials, Standard, and Premier Packages.

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