Recurring Billing

Allow clients to be charged automatically for Recurring Invoices, using a card on file – seamless for them, and consistent income for you.

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Recurring Billing allows your clients to opt in to being automatically charged for each Recurring Invoice.

When a client opts in, their credit card on file will be charged at around 10 a.m. on the due date of the invoice.

Is my client card data secure?
Yes, your client credit card data is saved and secured by 17hats Payments, powered by Stripe.

Will I know which clients have their credit card information saved for recurring billing?
Yes, the Documents Tab of 17hats will indicate which Recurring Invoices are being paid automatically.

Recurring Billing is available as a module for Standard Package ($10/month) and included with our Premier Package.

Recurring Billing is only available with 17hats Payments as a payment processor.

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