Saved Card Data

Allow clients to save their credit card details for easy payment next time. This facilitates Automatic Payments and Recurring Billing.

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Getting you paid is one of our highest priorities. With Saved Card Data, repeat clients are able to pay with a click of a button – their credit card data will be safely stored, and ready to use.

Saving their card data is an action that the client has complete control over. Once it is saved, they can then add cards on file and delete cards on file.

Is the card data protected?
Yes, credit card data is stored with your connected payment processor and protected by them.

Can my client update or delete their card information after saving it?
Yes, your clients will be able to update or delete their card information as needed.

Will I have access to my client’s card information?
For your client’s security (and yours), you will not be able to see your client’s credit card information – only the card type and last four digits of the credit card number.

Saved Card Data is available with Level 2 and Level 3 packages.

Saved Card Data is only available with Stripe and Square as payment processors.

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