Customize the URL of Contact-facing items like Invoices and Contracts with your business name.

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By customizing your subdomain in your Account Settings, you can automatically add your branding to each Contact-facing area.

With just this little touch, you add professionalism and trustworthiness to your business.

What is a subdomain?
Your domain setting is the text that appears in your document URLs. Since all of your clients’ documents are accessible via web link, these links will have a website address associated with them. The subdomain is the portion that is customizable at the start of the URL.

Can I change my subdomain more than one time?
We do not recommend that you change your Subdomain more than once, as your Document URL links will break.

Can I have a unique subdomain for each Brand?
Yes, each Brand can have its own subdomain.

Subdomain customization is available in our Essentials, Standard, and Premier Packages.

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