Tipping is customary, even expected, in some fields. Allow clients to leave you a few extra dollars when paying your invoices.

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In some business categories (such as hair care or massage therapy), tipping is customary.

With 17hats Payments as your payment processor, your clients can easily add a tip when paying an invoice.

Is there a limit to how large a tip can be?
Yes, a tip cannot be more than the total value of the associated invoice.

Can I use any payment processor to accept tips?
You will need to be connected to 17hats Payments to accept tips online.

Can I turn Tipping on for some Invoices and off for others?
Yes, you can choose which Invoices will offer the ability to your clients to tip.

Tipping is available in our Standard and Premier Packages.

Tipping is only available with 17hats Payments.

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