Workflow Trigger

Create a more consistent experience by automatically starting your process with each new lead submission.

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By triggering a Workflow with each new lead, to-dos can automatically be added to your calendar, and emails and questionnaires can automatically be sent.

The combination of Workflow and Lead Capture Forms will have you gaining time back in your day in no time.

Can I trigger different Workflows for different services?
Yes, you can ask your leads to choose a service on your Lead Capture Form. Each answer option will trigger a different Workflow.

Will 17hats know which lead the Workflow is for?
Yes, 17hats will automatically associate the Workflow with the lead’s project.

Can I stop or pause a Workflow if needed?
Yes, you can delete or pause a Workflow as needed.

Workflow Trigger for Lead Capture Forms is available in in our Standard and Premier Packages.

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