Apple Calendars


Stay up to date. Sync your 17hats Calendars to your Apple devices and never double book yourself again.

17hats offers one-way sync with Apple Calendar (formerly iCal). When you make calendar changes inside 17hats, those changes will be reflected in your Apple devices. This is perfect for those who want to manage their calendar through 17hats, but still want to see their next event on their iPhone or Apple Watch.

  • One-way sync: Make a change to your 17hats Calendar, and it’s reflected on all your connected Apple devices.
  • Two-way sync is possible too, using Google Calendar as a go-between.

I want changes that I make on my Apple devices to be reflected on my 17hats calendar. How can I create this two-way sync?
Apple doesn’t allow two-way sync at this time. However, there is a workaround, using Google Calendar as a go-between. (Once you’re a member, this help article tells you how.)

The Apple Calendar integration is available with our Free CRM and every level of automation.

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