Email Providers


Master communication. Connect your incoming and outgoing email inside 17hats. Only 17hats offers two-way email sync.

17hats integrates with any email provider you have. You simply connect your outgoing and incoming servers.

  • 17hats is the only small business platform that offers two-way sync with email.
  • Connecting your outgoing server ensures that all email sent from 17hats goes through your email address.
  • When you connect your incoming server, email you receive from anyone inside the 17hats system flows into your account as well.
  • Scheduled Emails: Work late at night, but have your emails delivered in the morning, for greater professionalism.
  • Email Read Receipts: Track when your clients first read an email sent from 17hats.

How does 17hats work with my email provider?
17hats is the only small business platform that offers two-way email sync. (See About above for more.) And you never miss a beat thanks to Email Monitoring: 17hats is always scanning your inbox, looking for addresses already in your account. When it finds one, we alert you on the Dashboard, and we place that email in the Contact’s page for you.

The Email Providers integration is available with our Free CRM and every level of automation.

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