Google Calendars


Integrated both ways: Changes made to your 17hats Calendar will be reflected in your Google Calendar, and vice versa.

17hats connects with your Google Calendar. Our robust integration offers two-way sync: You can access, add to, and make changes to your Google Calendar events within 17hats. And changes made through Google Calendar will also be reflected inside 17hats.

  • Google Calendar is reliable and widely used.
  • Two-way sync: Changes in one are reflected in the other.
  • Create your calendars in Google Calendar and then import them into 17hats.
  • Access your Google Calendar on the go, using the 17hats mobile app.

Can I connect several different Google Accounts?
No. Only one Google account can be connected at a time. But you can have multiple calendars (for example, Leads, Booked Clients, and To-Dos) synced from that one Google account.

The Google Calendar integration is available with our Free CRM and every level of automation.

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