Use ProSelect for in-person sales? Import your ProSelect photography orders directly into 17hats.

17hats integrates with ProSelect so that new orders can be imported directly into your 17hats client Projects and your 17hats Bookkeeping.

  • Just one of many 17hats integrations meeting the needs of photographers.
  • Imported ProSelect orders generate new invoices within 17hats.
  • Imported ProSelect orders are added into your 17hats Bookkeeping.

Will my orders import automatically?
No, your orders need to be imported manually into their associated 17hats Projects.

Can my client’s ProSelect order be paid/processed through 17hats?
Yes. Once the order has been imported and a 17hats invoice has been created, just click “send invoice,” or “send reminder” to send the invoice for payment. Your Payment Processor that is synced to 17hats (such as Square or Stripe) will be used to process the payment.

The ProSelect integration is available with our Free CRM and every level of automation.

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