Our Zoom integration automatically creates Zoom links for meetings booked through Online Scheduling.

The back-and-forth calling, texting, and emailing related to booking can steal precious time. Our Zoom integration with 17hats Online Scheduling makes things simple: When your client books an appointment, a Zoom link for the meeting is automatically created and included in the confirmation and reminder emails, using Tokens.

  • No more desperate emails or calls just before the meeting: “Where’s the link?!”
  • A Zoom link is automatically created. It can be included in the confirmation email using Tokens.
  • The Zoom link can also be included in reminder emails, including automated email reminders one day and one hour before the meeting, cutting down on no-shows.
  • The Zoom link for the client meeting is automatically added to the Project too, so you have it handy.

If I have multiple brands in 17hats, can I add multiple Zoom accounts?
Unfortunately, Zoom does not allow this. Once you enable your Zoom account in one brand, it will be enabled in all brands.

Read more about our integrations here on our blog.

The Zoom integration is available when you add on Advanced Online Scheduling to Level 2. The Zoom integration is included with Advanced Online Scheduling in Level 3 automation.

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